Monday, June 28, 2010

Bowman Chrome?

Don't get me wrong I love Bowman Chrome, but the 200$ price tag is truly ridiculos, considering every possible good strasburg has been pulled (1/1 red strasburg)and countless /250. I am Joe Collecter made a good point that Allen & Ginter & Bowman won't get back to normal pricing for another 6 months!! These crazy prices need to stop & I feel bad for any poor sap who bought bowman expecting a Strasburg and failing.


  1. I hope it doesn't take that long for prices to go down. I'd like to get another box of Ginter next month. It ain't happening if it's like 120.00 a box though.

  2. Yeah really but, Topps can do whatever they want with the market becuase upperdeck is going through some tough times