Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Extending Contest.

Well I'm trying to extend this contest for any stragglers who are too late contest will now end on Friday


  1. My all-time favorite player is Richard Hidalgo of the Houston Astros (and later Mets and Rangers (and Orioles if you include spring training)). He was an oft-forgotten factor of the late-'90s/early-'00s 'Stros teams and went about his business quietly.

  2. straggler!!!

    My favorite player of all time is Gary Carter. He originally played for the Expos and I was the fat catcher in pee-wee league, so I adopted the best catcher out there and he just won the all star MVP. Imagine my joy three years later when my Mets traded three dull quarters for this shiny silver dollar in 1985. I currently have over 600 individual Carter cards, 10 autos, 27 cards numbered 25 or lower and 2 1/1s. I have met him on two occasions and he is as friendly as his overblown good guy image would attest. He signed a ball for me the first time I met him and a 1975 TCMA card for me the second (he was quite impressed with that as he is a big collector). For all my love of all the mid-80's Mets (Keith, Doc, Darryl) Gary Carter will always be my one true favorite.

  3. My favorite player was Vince Coleman. As I was a light hitting speedster myself, Vincent Van Go showed that a variety of skills could be used to help make a successful team. Unfortunately for him, he arrived in the game about 10-20 years to late, when HRs outshined the stolen base - but he is still the only player to steal 100 bases in 3 consecutive seasons!